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Approximately 54 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes, and many are not aware of it. People with prediabetes have a blood sugar level that is higher than normal (fasting blood glucose between 100 and 125) but not high enough to be true diabetes. Prediabetes is a precursor to diabetes, and if lifestyle modifications like daily physical activity or food moderation are not implemented, you will develop diabetes.

How much do you know about prediabetes? Take our online quiz.

Are you at risk for prediabetes?

There are several characteristics that put you at risk for prediabetes. Take the CDC's prediabetes quiz to the right to find out your risk.

If your results indicate you could be at risk, talk to your doctor and consider getting a blood test to measure your blood glucose level. If the results from your blood test indicate prediabetes, enroll in our Diabetes Prevention Program.

Diabetes Prevention Program

The Medical Center Health & Wellness Center and the Barren River District Health Department have partnered to offer the National Diabetes Prevention Program, a CDC-led evidence-based lifestyle change program for preventing type 2 diabetes. This program is designed for individuals with prediabetes. In a group setting, a lifestyle coach will give participants strategies to incorporate physical activity into everyday life and tools to eat healthy.

Program includes 16 core sessions once a week and 6 post-core sessions once a month.  After completing the year-long program, participants could lose weight and cut their risk for diabetes in half.

Cost is $299 for entire program ( $13/class) due at first program session.

The Diabetes Prevention Program will be held Mondays, August 18 through December 8, 11 a.m. to noon at The Medical Center Health & Wellness Center. Preregistration is required. Register online or call 270-745-0942 or 1-800-624-2318 to learn more.