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Getting Back to the Simple Things:

See how we're helping the people in our community get back to the simple things:

Stroke Had Stolen Rae’s Ability to Move.
We Helped Her Get It Back.

When Rae was struck with a series of mini-strokes, it left her unable to move her right side. She needed help with everything. Simple things like eating or combing her hair became a difficult chore or simply impossible. Rae chose The Medical Center at Franklin Rehabilitation Services to help her get her life back.

We understand that your treatment starts with the simple things--every step, stretch, and movement is an investment in your recovery. Day-by-day, your personalized treatment plan and our compassionate staff will get you a little further than you were before. A little closer to your recovery goals. A little closer to normal.

Surrounded by family and her rehab team, Rae has made a full recovery and is working again. If illness forces you to regain what was lost, trust your rehabilitation to The Medical Center at Franklin. Because we know what recovery means to you... We know the simple things matter most.


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